Dewey Does - PS199 Frederick Wachtel School

Oct 21 2011

Dewey Does and his childhood obesity foundation makes a star studded appearance at PS 199 Frederick Wachtel Elementary School in Brooklyn, NY, where the boys and girls, from 3rd to 5th grades, packed the auditorium. Tracy Miller, Physical Education teacher at PS199, thought this program would be a good idea to partner with such nonprofit organizations for children to have presented at her school. Dewey Does and his foundation promotes every precious child to stay active and healthy and accept his challenge of 110% but he hopes that they at least achieve 95% in the process!!! This will make them a better and a healthy person for a vibrant American future.

Ms. Miller's two young daughters who attend PS 52 in Staten Island came home excited with Dewey Does bags of educational goodies. "My 8 year old daughter never had any interest in any type of sport or activity. She is now interested in playing softball after meeting Dewey Does for the first time. I was very excited to have the 'What does Dewey Does do? Program come to my school," says Ms. Miller.

The Dewey Does Foundation and its charity for kids organizes such programs to be presented in schools which helps kids to understand the importance of health, fitness and nutrition. The program is co-hosted by interns from St. John’s University whose major is in childhood education. Each group of interns has an opportunity to facilitate an interactive presentation on each of the targeted areas. By addressing specific topics in these three areas, it allows the interns to engage the kids in a Q&A so they’re able to get the information in a less formal setting, while keeping it fun and entertaining. The kids are allowed to get up and speak their responses to the audience which makes them feel they are part of the presentation. The program to highlight obesity in children in Americahas been very successful thru such initiatives and we plan to return to PS 199 for future events.

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About the Dewey Does Foundation - The Dewey Does Foundation is a not-for profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to promoting health, fitness & nutrition and the fight against childhood obesity since 2005. With obesity and poor nutritional habits at an all-time high in this country, a new effort is needed to address this national epidemic. We feel youth will follow a message with greater interest when the message is connected to a recognizable character that inspires and motivates both children and adults. That character is Dewey Does.