Dewey Does tackles obesity with his kids health foundation.

October 22, 2011

The Dewey Does Foundation was invited to participate at the PS36 Annual School Health Fair to share their obesity program for children. As usual the Dewey Does mascot made his grand entrance and had the kids excited. There was picture time throughout the entire event. Kids running up and even giving Dewey Does the 110% kid a hug. What made the event an even greater success was the Dewey Does 110% Fitness Dash. The kids lined up one after the other challenging each other to see who would get the most steps in 10 seconds. The challenge became so intense even the parents began joining in and challenging the kids. One father after the other, they kept coming back for more. As Dewey Does cheered them on, they were doing better and better and the scores got higher and higher. Ms. Lillian Deluca, Parent Coordinator of PS 36 and host for the health fair, was excited to have the Dewey Does 110% team back at the school’s annual event to represent child health foundation for the health fair.

Dewey Does is that state-of-mind that inspires kids to give 110%. One kid, out of many, touched our hearts at this health fair event. He came timid and shy, almost unsure of himself but after spending time with Dewey Does and the Dewey Does 110% Team, Ernie DeRosa posted the best score time and time again. Ernie is only 7 years old and he challenged all to beat his top score of 100 steps in 10 seconds. Everyone stepped up to the challenge but Ernie walked away as champion of the Dewey Does 110% Fitness Dash. He may still be a little shy but today timid was no longer part of his personality. Ernie is now a confident Dewey Does 110% kid.

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About the Dewey Does Foundation - The Dewey Does Foundation is a not-for profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to promoting health, fitness & nutrition and the fight against childhood obesity since 2005. With obesity among children and poor nutritional habits at an all-time high in this country, a new effort is needed to address this national epidemic. We feel youth will follow a message with greater interest when the message is connected to a recognizable character that inspires and motivates both children and adults. That character is Dewey Does.