New Dewey Does Character Helps Millions Of Kids At Last!

Oct 10 2011

A Sports-Themed Character That Promotes Fitness Cartoon Character Helps Millions of Kids Do their Best and Give 110% On one side are millions of kids who play sports. On the other side are millions who don't participate in sports because they don't believe in themselves.

In the middle is a sports-theme cartoon character named Dewey Does 110%. What does Dewey Does do? Dewey Does 110% and he is the latest phenomenon sweeping across America. There are Dewey Does books, key chains, collectible figurines, musical dolls live shows, and a new TV show called Dewey Does 110%. Thomas Kinslow, creator of Dewey Does, had a vision seven years ago about creating a symbol or character that kids could relate to and embrace.

Dewey Does is a 9 year old boy who loves sports and scores of children love him. Kinslow explains," Dewey Does delivers his message through motivation and entertainment. We feel that our youth will follow a message with greater interest when the message is connected to a recognizable character that inspires and motivates them".