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“Highly recommended reading – Dewey Does’ voice is authentic & easily understood.
-Rebecca Brown, Editor


“These books are perfect for third ad fourth graders…Dewey Does is a winner!”
 -Jennifer LB Leese


“Excellent! I loved these books and I’m looking forward to reading more about Dewey Does’ adventures.”                                  -BookReview.com


“First Day will prove to be a popular addition and will leave young readers looking eagerly toward the next Dewe Does adventure!”
-Midwest Book Review


“IN THE GROOVE tells how kids feel from the standpoint of the kid and because it does the book is sure to be a kid pleaser.”                              -Molly Martin – Scribes World


“Dewey Does is a role model for all children and any child will love to read what’s on his mind.”                                      
-By Lisa – Book Review Cafe

Exclusive marketing and Promotional Opportunities

Reading offers wonderful benefits to children. It builds their confidence and self-esteem, encourages leadership, improves emotional intelligence, helps them sleep soundly, inspires them, and above all, it makes them happy.
When we introduce them early on to true-to-life motivational stories involving sports, healthy eating habits, and having an active lifestyle, we give them strong awareness which in turn would help them become even more responsible about their health.
With obesity and poor nutritional habits at an all-time high in this country, a new effort is needed to address the national epidemic. Young children need to learn how eating healthy and exercising through engaging in sports activities can lead to improved quality of life all throughout.
Getting the message across through a recognizable character will help the children to easily connect with and relate to the story.
What does Dewey Does do? He helps animate millions of kids. He is an ordinary kid, but with a passion for sports. He knows the value of fair play and hard work. Dewey Does always gives his 110% at anything he endeavors.
Through the Dewey Does book storytelling program, we can send awareness across even louder and reach as many families and kids as possible. This unique and truly inspiring campaign will be perfect for young readers who are in grades 3 to 5 and expand your corporate messaging efforts.

Sports Camp University

Make a Mark and Impact Through Brand Storytelling!

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Animated Foundation Video

Checkout Dewey Does and friends and help them help America fight childhood obesity today. VIEW VIDEO

Dewey Does' Community

New photos every week from my friends. Send me your photos of you doing sports, fitness or any activity to stay healthy and fit.

My Message, My Goal

Empowering a child to “believe in” their best self, find courage and inner strength to successfully surmount any sport challenge or
life adventure; is our inspiration for the “Dew 110” message.

When a brawl divides the community, possibly ending the Youth World Championship baseball game, Dewey Does and his toy chest friends team up with a community leader to save the day.

Accomplished children’s author Thomas M. Kinslow is donating his passion for this mission. He partnered up with Rotary International to write this extremely fun, exciting and motivating book exclusively for 3rd graders that will be distributed nationally to promote and strengthen literacy.

Our program entitled “I am a Rotarian” will be an extension of the Rotary Dictionary Project which provides students with a personal dictionary of their very own to serve them through their elementary and middle school.

Dewey Does learns the role of Rotary, the value of being a volunteer in his neighborhood, how volunteerism impacts those in need, and overcomes his stage fright in this heart felt help-thy-neighbor story.

Read About ALL of Dewey Adventures 1 in 4 children in America grow up without learning how to read. Books that inspire your child to read and lead HEROES START AS KIDS! Encourages reading and leadership.

Look for Dewey Does’ newest adventure ‘a MONSTER ate my Sneakers’ coming in 2019.  You must sign up at DeweyDoes.com for updates, promotions and promotional gifts.  Be the first to see previews and NEW animation shorts.  Also, don’t forget to follow ‘Sports Makes Me Feel Happy’ Vlog at deweydoes.com and/or Dewey Does’ Vlog on YouTube.

Hit a home run…Buy the Dewey Does Book Bundle today and help the Dewey Does Foundation fight childhood obesity, by promoting youth sports, health and fitness since 2006.  Books that encourage a child to read and makes a great Christmas gift for life.

Did you know? Dewey Does on health and fitness

Childhood health affects everybody

Childhood health affects every community around the nation. You can be a champion for the youth in your area in a way that makes sense to you and fits your commitment level.

Too Many Youth Are Obese

1 in 3 youth are obese or over weight

Children Know Fast Food Logos Before They Can Read

Children ages 3 to 5 can recognize fast food corporate logos before they can actually read…this also can lead to obesity and over weight issues in their future.

Entertainment Is Shaping Your Child's Mind

Advertising and certain entertainment begin shaping your child’s mind before they reach the age of 5 years old.

Childhood Obesity Rate Is Too High

In some local communities the childhood obesity rate is as high as 40%. In the U.S. childhood obesity rates are 3 times greater than in 1980

Obesity The Second Leading Behavioral Contributor

That’s right, obesity is the second leading behavioral contributor to death in the U.S.

Lasting Physical Effects

And, a lack of nutritious food during childhood can have a lasting physical effects.

Body Mass Index

Children with a BMI (Body Mass Index) at or above the 85th percentile and less than the 95th percentile are considered overweight.

Children Obesity

Children at or above the 95th percentile have obesity.

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“What’s up to my friend, Dewey Does and his fans? This is Tommy Ommy, host of ‘Straight from the Basement’ sports podcast. Follow me where you can expect authentic, highly informative and entertaining takes on all thing’s sports. Sports is what keeps this world from going insane either in a pandemic or no pandemic.”

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Joe Nastus Rotary International

“ “Great New Brunswick Rotary Club
I think this is going to benefit Rotary for a long time. Great book Thomas.

Geoff Dietzel Secretary

“The Rotary Club of Greater New Brunswick LOVE IT! Awesome.

Steve Ferrara President

“”The Greater New Brunswick Rotary, 2022-23 Outstanding effort Thomas; very special thing you have done here.

Gabriel L. Silva Actor

“I am excited to collaborate with Dewey Does and the Foundation. Bullying is an important issue that needs to be addressed and together we need to find a solution. I think that Dewey Does is an amazing way to reach kids and help encourage kindness. Together, we can stop this epidemic.”

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About Dewey Does Foundation Dewey Does champions literacy for all by promoting health

The Dewey Does Foundations (DDF) was founded in 2005, as a non-profit 501© 3 organization to inspire youth to eat healthy, be active, play sports, and have fun.

DDF promotes youth health, fitness and the fight against youth obesity by sponsoring youth sporting events and outdoor activities with organizations that share the same interests.

With obesity and poor nutritional habits at an all-time high in this country, a new effort is needed to address this national epidemic. Young children need to learn the importance of healthy eating habits and how an active life through sports will improve their quality of life throughout their entire life. We feel youth will follow a message with greater interest when the message is connected to a recognizable character that inspires children to “Dew Anything” and motivates them to exercise and play sports.

If you would like to make a financial contribution to our foundation, simply click the donation button below.

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