About UsThere’s a Dewey Does kid in everyone.


Creator of Dewey Does and his world, Thomas Kinslow’s artistic vision and commitment to youth advocacy ensures that kids can access and embrace Dewey Does’ 110% message easily. Mr. Kinslow feels that children will follow a message with greater interest when the message is connected to a recognizable character that inspires and motivates both children and adults to do their very best. Dewey Does is an everyday kid with every day experiences, and Mr. Kinslow’s inspiration to help kid’s live through Dewey Does’ adventures.

Dewey Does, who champions literacy for all by promoting health, fitness and nutrition in the fight against childhood obesity, is a nine-year old boy who loves all sports and gives 110% effort in all he does. Dewey Does’ adventures touch on everyday lifestyle experiences for all kids. Dewey Does’ imagination and unique relationship with his many friends, allows him to engage his young fans in journeys that span sports history, real life sports adventures, and daily challenges that kids are faced with every day. For every child there is a Dewey Does story waiting to be told. Dewey Does’ stories will help to inspire children of all ages and cultures to believe in themselves and to give 110% effort in everything they do.

For every sport and for everyone who played or just loves sports, like Dewey Does, there is a Dewey Does story to tell. Share your 110% story with Dewey Does and friends. New characters and sports equipment will be introduced from thousands of Dewey Does 110% Club members.