Implementing programs that challenge our youth to be more active takes dedication, commitment and support. The Dewey Does Foundation provides a solid program that promotes the 110% fitness message on activity for youth ages 4-9, while educating them on the importance of fighting youth obesity. The Dewey Does Foundation greatly appreciates any and all financial donations as we work toward our goals. Your tax-deductible contribution may be made online via our PAYPAL button on this page.

Donations of $25 or more will receive the new Dewey Does ABC Sports 110% Fitness Poster. This uniquely designed ABC Sports 110% Fitness poster combines the alphabet, sports and fitness with name descriptions for letter association and reinforcement. Children & students can enjoy the poster all year round while having fun in identifying other sports and fitness for each letter.

Or, you can choose to receive a Dewey Does logo t-shirt. Wearing this shirt will help to deliver the message of 110% fitness to others.

The DD Cares Logo is a die-cut car magnet that will be given for $15 donations and the DD Cares tee is $25 or more. $25 or more receives all gifts.