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Raise More Funds Through Sponsorship & Promote the Rotary Message Through The Youth Literacy Program

Raise More Funds Through Sponsorship  Ensure The & Promote The Rotary Message Through The Youth Literacy Program

Get the “I’m Your Lil Superhero” book for your rotary club and take the step forward towards a healthier America starting today!

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Message From The Author

Hi! My name is Thomas M. Kinslow.

I’m the author of the book “I’m Your Lil Superhero.”

When I was a kid, I was underconfident, poor in my studies, and overweight.

My mother once gave me a storybook which helped me gain different perspectives, skyrocket my self-confidence, and improve my performance in studies and sports.

And that’s how I understood the power of storytelling.

Now, I aspire to help millions of children in America fight obesity and become better people through the Dewes Does Foundation.

But I can’t do it alone! I need your help to share the story that will inspire millions of children in America.


Spreading The Message Through The Power Of Storytelling

One of the most effective ways to educate our children is through stories. Humans are wired for stories.

It builds their self-confidence, encourages leadership, improves emotional intelligence, inspires them, and makes them better human beings.

Children will love the “Dewey Does” character in the “I am your Lil superhero” book.

What does “Dewey Does” do? 

He helps animate millions of kids. He’s an ordinary kid with a passion for sports and knows the value of fair play and hard work. Every time Dewey does something, he gives 110%.

We can send awareness across even louder through the “Dewey Does” and reach as many families and kids as possible. 

Are you ready to inspire millions of children in America?

Put Your Organization On Top

Our program entitled “I am your Lil Superhero” can be an extension of the Dictionary Project or exclusive for your fundraising and literacy promotion efforts.

Plus, promote your Service Above Self message in classrooms, libraries, and offices for all to appreciate

Benefits Include

✔️ Fundraising opportunities

✔️ Motivates kids to read

✔️ Brand name placement for your sponsors

✔️ Introduction to new members (excellent for gift bag)

✔️ Plus, a FREE, uniquely designed, ABC’s of Sports 24 x 36 Poster while supplies last.         

    (Minimum 250 book orders to receive a poster with your club’s name proudly displayed as the  sponsor.)

Exclusive Marketing and Promotional Opportunities

Make a Mark and Impact Through Brand Storytelling!

A storybook with your brand message written and illustrated specifically and exclusively for your audience.

My Message,
My Goal

Empowering a child to believe in their best self, and find the courage and inner strength to successfully surmount any sport, challenge, or life adventure is our inspiration for the “Dew 110%” message.

Dewey Does' Community

New photos every week from my friends. Send me photos of you doing sports, fitness or any activity to stay healthy and fit.

Animated Foundation VideoAnimated Foundation Video

Check out Dewey Does and help America fight childhood obesity today

About Dewey Does Foundation

We have been a non-profit 501© 3 organization since 2006. We aim to inspire youth to eat healthily, be active, play sports, and have fun!

We’re dedicated to providing the tools and inspiration to improve our children’s lives with a focus on reversing the devastating trend of increasing youth obesity nationwide.

Why We Do What We Do

❌ Childhood Health Affects Most Communities

Childhood health affects every community around the nation. You can be a champion for the youth in your area in a way that makes sense to you and fits your commitment level.

❌ Children Know Fast Food Logos Before They Can Read

Children ages 3 to 5 can recognize fast food corporate logos before they can actually read…this also can lead to obesity and overweight issues in the future. 

❌ Entertainment Is Shaping Your Child’s Mind

Advertising and entertainment channels shape your child’s mind before they reach the age of 5 years old.

❌ Childhood Health Rate Is Declining

In some local communities, the childhood obesity rate is as high as 40%. In the U.S., childhood obesity rates are three times greater than in 1980.

❌ Lasting Physical Effects

A lack of nutritious food during childhood can have lasting physical effects.

Here’s How We’re Solving The Problem

Young children need to learn the importance of healthy eating habits and how an active life through sports or other activities will improve their quality of life.

Youth will be more receptive to messages if they are connected to recognizable characters that inspire children to “Dew Anything” and motivate them to exercise and play sports.

What Our Readers Are Saying


Michael E. McMahon

Former Congressman

“The Dewey Does organization reinforces what parents, teachers and coaches say every day. I feel the Dewey Does organization will play a major role in shaping our children’s lives.”

Malcolm Jenkins

Philadelphia Eagles

“ “I see me as a Dewey Does kid in many ways. He reminds me of me always giving 110% effort.”


Teresa ‘T-Spoon’ Weatherspoon

WNBA All-Star

“I believe children are our strength and foundation and Dewey Does delivers a great 110% message of health, fitness and education through sports and entertainment.”

Gabriel L. Silva


“I am excited to collaborate with Dewey Does and the Foundation. Bullying is an important issue that needs to be addressed and together we need to find a solution. I think that Dewey Does is an amazing way to reach kids and help encourage kindness. Together, we can stop this epidemic.”


Dewey In the Community

Here’s Our Simple 4-Step Book Ordering Process

How It Works

1.  Minimum book order of 10 books.

2. The cost per book is $3.00 shipping and handling included (available only in the U.S.)

  • 5 x 7 for ease of transportation and distribution. Big things come in small packages.
  • It’s all in the messaging. 27 exciting, colorful images that help reinforce the ‘I am your LiL Superhero’ message

3. Custom book available for additional cost: What’s included in your custom book?

  • Corporate sponsorship page; includes sponsor logo and corporate message
  • Message from your club president’s page
  • Club website address
  • Unique club photos on the back inside cover

4. Use the first blank page in the book to place your sticker with your Rotary Club name, logo, website address, and message of your choice

You can even give your sponsor a thank you sticker with their name, logo, and brand message.

Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum order is 10 books.

The cost of each book is approximately $3

Unfortunately at this time we only ship domestic orders

Depending on location, it usually takes 4-6 business days.

Contact us here at: and we will get back to you soon.